Portfolio Reviews

Vassilis Tangoulis is an International Award-Winning Black and White Fine Art photographer based in Greece. Vassilis is mostly known for his Black and White long exposure landscape photography but he also experiments in color and tries to enter this technique to different photographic genres.


  • True and sincere feedback. Sooner or later, if you really want to grow as a photographer, you will need to develop a very critical eye for your own work.
  • Constructive criticism because there is nothing worse than being demolished with poor arguments which focus on killing your confidence.
  • Criticism coming from someone whose work you like, someone who becomes a source of inspiration for your own work and someone you can trust.
  • Each of us is unique and sees the world in a very personal way. What i am trying to do is to help you reveal your inner world and help you discover your own “vision”.


Photographers are asked to send me a selection of 10 photographs they would like to be reviewed, which are fairly representative of the entire body of their work. These photographs, ideally, should depict their personal style and vision.

After receiving their photographs, I will review them via WEBEX screen-sharing where I will give my constructive feedback about them, dealing with aspects like the general vision or personal style, the use of light, composition, technical aspects, existence of common patterns in the photographs which unveil a certain personal way of seeing the world, post-processing, etc. I will recommend for the student how to take his work to the next level and end with some conclusions.

During this session i will use Photoshop, in order to provide suggestions, offer compositional ideas or simply to illustrate some of the points discussed.

I will ask  from the photographer to work on two of his/her photos and try to follow the workflow/discussions of our previous session. This dynamic procedure will bring interesting points for further discussion concerning the processing of fine art photographs as well as certain issues about the personal vision of the photographer.

I will present my portfolio and discuss about  my personal vision.

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The Portfolio Review is a one to one Session. For the Post Processing courses there is always the possibility of a group of students