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Workshops: The Places Part B

Workshop of Fine Art Long exposure Photography in Patra History of Patra Antiquity The first traces of settlement in Patras date to as early as the third millennium BC, in the area of modern Aroe. Patras flourished for the first time in the Post-Helladic or Mycenean period. Ancient Patras was formed by the unification of […]

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Workshops: The places Part A

I will start today giving more information about the two workshops i organize in Messologi (30 November, 1st December) and Patra (21-22 December). This post is about the places we are going to make the field shooting and i will give you a detailed description of them through various photos of mine both in color and black and white. Some

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Calculating exposure times

General terms Long exposure Photography is closely related to Neutral Density filters which are semi-transparent pieces of glass that get placed in front of your lens. What makes them special, however, is that they obstruct a precisely controlled fraction of incoming light, and do so uniformly. The obstruction also aims to be equal across the visible

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The amazing world of Akira

I will start today showcasing the work of some favorite photographers of mine. Photographers i find their work inspiring and mind-puzzling. I don’t intend to share in my blog many interviews. My only motivation is to give you something different from the standard view in the field of Fine Art Photography. One of my favorite

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the dream of an amateur..

Some thoughts about my site Finally managed to finish the update of my site. There are some more things/updates i need to do but i leave it for later. As you can probably see there is a new look concerning the layering of the pages, the appearance of my portfolio and especially the presentation of

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Exploring Fine Art Photography

The origin When i try to describe my vision is like i draw incoherent lines, shapes in a white paper without any real meaning and sense mostly because everything is driven by emotion and, for me at least, is very difficult to “tame” it and restrict it in regular shapes and rules. I am surprised

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